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Peter Peppers - Nature's Most Phallic Chilli Pepper!

The peter pepper is the name given to a real type of chilli pepper plant that produces very striking looking chillies indeed, and is commonly referred to as willie chillies, willy peppers and Chilli Willies!


peter pepper plantPeter peppers grow into all sorts of phallic and entertaining shapes all by themselves, and are a totally natural variety of pepper that also happen to taste great too.


Peter pepper seeds are rare and were originally only found in the private collections of gardeners and exchanged as an heirloom variety.


The curious little peter pepper originates from Texas and Louisiana and is rated at about 30,000 - 50,000 Scovilles on the chilli pepper heat scale. This make them very similar in heat to the well known Tabasco peppers.


Their taste is somewhat sweet and they make fantastic salsa, sauces and add a desirable kick to most dishes. 


Growing peter peppers is easy. Peter pepper seeds are just like any other peppers from the Capsicum Annuum family, and once sprouted, typically start producing hilarious little conversation starters in as little as 95 days.


If you would like to grow peter peppers, or want to give someone a funny gift, then make sure that you check out our amazing grow your own peter pepper kits seeds.

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