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Grow Lights

Whether you are looking to boost your harvests, or successfully grow plants that are hard to grow in certain climates, you may want to consider the use of grow lighting for indoor plants. Chilli Willy stocks a range of quality and industry-trusted products, that have been hand picked to ensure your growing success.


Amongst all other factors, plant lighting is definitely the most important. Plants require two main spectrums of light to thrive: blue light for promoting vigorous vegetative early stage growth, which comes from the use of metal halide lamps, and red light for the flowering stage and plentiful harvests, which can be achieved by the use of high pressure sodium lamps.


We also stock a range of Dual Spectrum grow lamps. These lamps are high pressure sodiums with added blue light to promote vegetative growth, whilst boosting harvests come flowering time. This means you can use one bulb throughout all stages of plant growth - perfect for your first grow, or for those who want all round performance, without the added cost of separate lamps. All our ready made kits come with Dual Spectrum lamps, offering ready-made performance at an affordable price.


Of course, we also stock a fine range of individual grow light products too - so you can build the perfect grow light setup that suits your growing environment and your needs. You'll find our complete range of grow lights and grow lighting accessories below: