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Chilli Willy Kits & Seeds


The Funniest Gift On The Planet?


Peter pepper

The scoop: Chilli Willies have attracted the attention of the World's media. They have been shortlisted for TV shows such as "World's Greatest Inventions" on New York primetime, daytime entertainment food show "Let's Do Lunch...with Gino and Mel" on ITV1 London, and for use on Channel 4 London's new celebrity food show featuring Jamie Oliver.


As defined on UrbanDictionary.com, "Chilli Willies are chilllies that naturally grow into the shape of willies from the infamous Chilli Willy Plant."


You may think that these chillies have been genetically modified to grow in this way, but this is not the case - Chilli Willies are a totally natural variety that have been given a very funny gift by nature. That's just how they grow.


So aside from being the most hilarious looking chilli on the planet, having won awards such as "Most pornographic pepper" by Organic Gardening Magazine, Chilli Willies are also fully edible and taste delicious. Not only can you grow lots of little conversations starters, you can also use the shocking peppers in cooking too!


The product:  Chilli Willy Kits & Seeds make the perfect funny gift for birthdays, dinner parties, a friend, a family member, secret Santa presents and any occasion where you need a really funny gift!


Our Award-winning "Grow your own" products allow you to grow your very own hilarious looking chillies (willy peppers) - and because they are totally natural, once they have grown, you can cook with them too.


Gone are the days where a funny gift was funny for 5 minutes and forgotten about - Chilli Willy Kits & Seeds make the perfect unusual gift ideas that will keep someone smiling for months afterwards.


Watch your Chilli Willies as they grow into hilarious shapes, have competitions with your friends and family, and share the laugher that growing your own naughty looking chillies has to offer!


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- Winner Fiery Foods UK Award - Best brand / label - http://www.fieryfoodsuk.co.uk/


Go on, make someone smile today with our Award-winning Chilli Willy Kits or Seed Packs!